KGS Bikes Custom Bicycles is a global business. We have many more clients fly into San Antonio than have local clients. While about 50% of our US clients are women, the Middle East will have mostly men owners of our bicycles. This is why we just committed to exhibit at the Big Boys Toys UAE Exhibition, February 9-11, 2012, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

We were contacted by the promoters and we felt there was a match as nobody in that part of the world knows about us. Additionally many of the people who could actually commission one of our bicycles do travel to the US regularly, so it would be possible to come to San Antonio for a BalancePoint™ positioning.

We will be doing a big push between now and next February, as our goal is to sell a couple of our custom bicycles to folks who can see them on display and then take delivery of them at the end of the show.

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Pro triathlete from the early days. How about that fit? Photo: Dave August

Pro triathlete from the early days. How about that fit? Photo: Dave August

Have you ever wondered what goes into Lance Armstrong’s bike? Do you know what separates his bike from his teammates? If you were a pro triathlete, and a bike manufacturer gave you a bike for sponsorship, how would that make you feel? As a “regular person” what kind of technology can you get in cycling, and most importantly, is it worth it?

The answers to these questions are tied together.  They all deal with a bicycle rider, a bicycle, and the relative value they place on that bike versus themselves. Could it really be that simple? Yes.

I see two groups of people who come to me for advice. The first group is like Lance Armstrong and like my high end clients who buy bikes from me. This group places a high value on themselves as humans, as sportsmen and as individuals whose time has value. They tend to prefer to have the bike play a supporting role to them and as such, want the bike adapted to them regarding dimensions and ride characteristics. The second group tends to place the value of the bike over themselves. The bike to them is something that they need to adapt to for one reason or other. It may be all they can afford. It may have a certain look or cachet that causes them to want to ride it regardless of how well they perform on it. They may be a professional athlete who gets the bike free as a part of sponsorship.

Lance has an entire development team which although is funded by Trek, is funded by somebody! It just so happens that the same people who build the bike are funding it. Lances domestiques, on the other hand, ride stock Treks and they are not paid to worry about perfect fit. They are paid to work for Lance. Even though both sets of bike say Trek on the downtube, they are as different as night and day. Lance has to be the one to cross the finish line first. His bike is an extension of himself. Now that he is older, the bike makes an even bigger difference because his body is less able to tolerate less than perfect fit.

A triathlete performs the same role as Lance does, in my opinion. While a domestique can sacrifice himself halfway through a race to support his team leader, Lance has to be there at the end. A triathlete has to perform the swim, bike and run, and do all effectively to have a good performance. My observation of triathletes is that high level amateur triathletes are willing to seek out resources that improve their performance at every level of their game, while many pros fall into a trap, in my opinion, of accepting sponsorship bicycles because they are free and just dealing with the performance that bike can provide.

It is amazing that a high level amateur could have a material advantage in the bike over a pro. I cannot speak for all athletes, but if I were a pro and knew what a bike that really fit me felt like, I certainly would not accept a free bike just because it was free! My thoughts are, “The fox is guarding the henhouse,” when I consider the bikes that most big bike manufacturers provide to sponsored athletes. They know that the athete will accept almost anything that is given them. They also know that these athletes are young, strong and capable of overcoming incredible odds and still performing admirably.

I think of Nascar and wonder how many teams would allow Chevrolet to provide them with a stock Chevy, just because they got it for free? This seems ludicrous, of course, because the Nascar teams get financial sponsors and they build a racecar as a tool to help the driver win the race. It is finely tuned and adapted to the driver and to the track so they have the maximum chance of winning the race.

If I were counseling pro triathletes, I would work with them to redefine their position on the bike so they are both balanced and comfortable. I cannot tell you how many of the pros I see that are in insanely uncomfortable and inefficient positions. I am glad I don’t have to do a marathon after riding a torture device such as an ill fitting bicycle.

The problem is, not many people have ever been truly comfortable on a bike and the fact of the matter is, “fitting” is a great buzzword in the industry but it is not an easy task to do well. As they say, great ideas are cheap. The cost is in the execution.

My mission is to help you be a better athlete regardless of your level of expertise or your choice of cycling sport. My advice is to really explore the relationship you have with your bike. Do you adapt to it or do you make it adapt to you? What is more important, you or the bike? Are you worthy of a nice bike, or is it worthy of you?

Thanks so much for allowing me to share. I am very interested in your perspective and comments.

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Bike Reviews brings news about bikes

by kgsbikes on July 28, 2016

in cycling blogs

Bike Reviews

A new resource for bike info

I recently found out about Bike Reviews, a blog / website that gathers and shares lots of info about bicycling. Here is a tidbit from their About section:

Bike Reviews is an emerging online resource for all things bicycle related. We cover info on road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, fixed gear bikes, hybrid bikes, beach cruisers, and more. In addition to our growing bicycle index, Bike Reviews also covers the latest on bike parts, cycling apparel, upcoming bike events, the sport of cycling, etc. We hope to capture the interest of bike cultures around the globe by offering an online community for cyclists at the front of every internet connection.

Check them out and see if you find anything that is interesting!

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Highwheeler bicycle on modern road

Highwheeler bicycle on modern road, Photo, Nigel xf from Flickr

I found a great website with bicycle quotes like the one above from the great Mark Twain.

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What a saddle adjustment can do to a 70.3 time!

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