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by kgsbikes on October 5, 2016

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Eileen's KGS / Passoni

An example of a KGS Custom Bicycle

The market for our premium custom bicycles is a global one, and is a small niche comprised of people who want the very best and are willing to come to San Antonio to commission a bicycle that takes up to six months or more to receive, and then be so happy with the result that they think the effort was worth it. We have been working behind the scenes a lot this fall, with clients who have commissioned bikes “in private” and find that that is more common than not at this level. From a marketing perspective, however, it is hard to brag on one’s accomplishments when clients don’t want their purchases disclosed!

That has been the trend since the Recession and we have learned to simply comply with client’s wishes and exceed their expectations, regardless of the ability of the rest of the world to know or not know who is buying our fantastic machines. So since we have had a string of folks who have chosen to not tell the world that they have cool bikes that you would want too if you knew, here is a little recap of the state of KGS Bikes and where we are heading.

Firstly, we are moving! The retail location that we got six years ago is now too small and the lease is up. We are taking the opportunity to move to a new location that will be a destination, not a walk-in location. Since we are in final negotiations with the new landlord, we would be remiss to say much more for now, until we have a signed and executed lease. Suffice it to say, the destination will be better for a personal bicycle commissioning experience and we will be closer to the San Antonio Airport for easier transport to and from your plane.

Second, we are putting more value features in a KGS Custom Bicycle package. At this level, the bike is just part of the deal. The experience of commissioning a completely hand crafted masterpiece at this level is becoming more and more rare in the world and we want to improve the experience so every time you ride your custom bicycle you are reminded that you worked hard to get here and you deserve this level of performance and comfort.

Third, we are constantly on the lookout for better frames and components. Since most people come to us and say, “Build me a bike and make it the best”, we are never satisfied with the current state of the art. We want to push our suppliers to make better stuff for our clients and we are on the hunt for the best of the best. It is a never ending search.

Here is a PDF Executive Summary of how we do things if you are in the market for a new custom bicycle. It is handy to pass to your friends as well. We want you to be incredibly happy and to outline things as best we can in advance.

Have a great holiday shopping season and if you think it is time to discuss a new custom bicycle for yourself  or significant other, let’s talk.

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Bali Cycling Tour December 8, 2011 at 8:33 AM

Nice bike design. give me more idea to modificate my bike, thanks

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